Arthur Gerstein

I have been a photographer since the age of five. At that time, I innocently begged my mother into getting me a Brownie Bullet, black and white roll film camera, because she gave one to my sister. In high school, a close friend lent me his 35 mm camera and taught me how to develop film.

My photography education is a product of several mentors who pushed me to master capturing abstract images on film, producing exhibition quality black and white images for private collectors and museums and learning to deviate from the norm while using solid photographic techniques while breaking some rules.

While in my thirties I was living in Great Barrington, MA, cooking on a private estate, conserving the Aigner collection consisting of famous images made in Europe in the mid to late 1930s ending up in the United States with images of Einstein and Rockwell. During my tenure with Aigner, I was in several local shows where I learned that the public was not interested in my images as they had their own cameras and could make their own photos. This frustration drove me to learn how to create imagery that you will only see in my portfolio.

With the advent of the digital camera, I started building a series of "Digital Darkrooms" that allowed me to experiment without chemicals. My work evolved to include prints on canvas, up to 30" x 40".

In 2007, I was experimenting with images of marine animals at the Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk, CT. With the mentoring of Patrick Distasio and Robert Gintel, plus the support of my wife, Ellen, my work has evolved through a compressed time-line. As a visual artist, I work with light, but my sensitivity to light has become so acute that I relinquished my position as a Director of Infrastructure Technology.

My artworks are created on canvas, archival paper, and more recently on aluminum panel. The aluminum, brings a three dimensional enhancement to my images. Also, the intensity of the colors in the images and the aluminum panels are a perfect match.

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