James Leese

I have been practicing architecture for almost 40 years. During that time I have acquired various skills in graphics and presentation illustrations. So I’m thinking, why not take what I know about how things go together and create some imagery that might be, from my perspective, interesting to other people? And sometimes funny too!

I have taken my skills and experience as an architect and urban designer and, along with my technical expertise using certain computer software, have started creating a great many series of digital environments that can be made into a number of visually complex and delightful works of art, some elements juxtaposing on other subjects, the results of which can be surprising.

Watch dogs, and fish houses, Key West and surfboards; “woodies” and shopping carts on beaches with billboards; junked cars and old guitars and instruments in the sand.... These are a few of my favorite things.

Contact James at: jleese@jamesleeseart.com,
239.989.4052, or www.jamesleeseart.com.